Gain Real Insights From the People Who Matter Most.



Improve Customer Retention

Get feedback to find out how to exceed expectations and grow loyalty. Discover what's working and what is not. Information that will allow you to capitalize on your strengths, and repair you weaknesses.

Investment Decisions

Don’t guess where to spend money, use results from customer satisfaction survey to decide which products, services or facilities need investment to improve.

Identify Troubled Areas

Compare results from all locations or areas of your business to understand who’s performing well. Use insights from high-performing areas to help those who are struggling.

Build Brand Loyalty

There’s no better marketing than Word-of-Mouth. Turn loyal customers into advocates who will happily recommend you to friends and family. kiosk

What is Reality?

While you may think certain areas are doing well, how are they being received. Rate each segment based on how it is perceived by the people who encounter it. 

Drive Revenue Growth

Optimal operational process teamed with successful customer retention and a loyal base of customers will have a significant effect on your bottom line. 

Survey Design

Message Screen


Display short welcome messages, instructions or long scrollable content, such as Terms & Conditions.

Service Options


Select up to eight categories to help you identify the customer experience.

Question Options


Create up to five optional responses, including their name Optionally include your Privacy Policy

Smiley Faces


Measure satisfaction quickly with smiley to unhappy faces. A number of these types of surveys may be created.

Star Scale


Grid/matrix questions are used to collect customer feedback or ratings on multiple items in one question.

Thank You Options


When complete, the Thank You screen will display for several seconds, then will return to the Welcome screen. You may also includes a promotional message.


Response Design


Standard and custom designs are available.

GDPR Compliant


Display Privacy Notice When you collect personal data.



Responses may be automatically translated back to English

Online Management


Manage all aspects of your survey with online access.

Secure Feedback

Responses are encrypted so that they may only be decrypted by our software.

QR Code Option


Optionally, allow respondents to scan a QR Code, and complete the survey on their phone.


kiosk survey for feedback being implemented in the health industry

Health Care


Get a dose of healthy patient feedback and show you care.

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govt agencey using feedback survey system with kiosk



Let client feedback direct your efforts to improve your service.

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Credit Unions & Banks


Let your customers / members direct your efforts to improve service.

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You work hard to give your customers a good experience. how do they feel?

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Hotels using feedback survey system with kiosk

Hotels & Inns


Your guests can help you know where you can improve and what your doing well.. 

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Let your customer chime In on how well your selling it.

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