govt agencey using feedback survey system with kiosk


  • Easy to use. 

  • Generates more responses

  • Feedback at the point of experience

  • Intelligent question flow

  • Calculate score by System Parameter

  • Real-time Notifications

  • On-Screen customized branding

  • Protection from response abuse

  • Online web survey interface

  • Automatic timed survey reset

Request additional information in "Text", "Yes/No" or "Multiple Choice" answer formats. Decide which questions to asked based on the initial response. For instance, if the response is "Thumbs Down", you may ask if they would like to leave a message for management.

Reporting  and Analisys

Create reports by location or time slot, or additional criteria you wish to add.

Reports may be printed, converted to Adobe PDF or exported to Microsoft Excel.

eFeedback can also create graphical representation of captured data in several different formats.

OnSite Models

Buy or rent an attractive kiosk that will allow your customers to take the survey
while that are on your premises.
Counter Model


The base is made from high quality aluminum thus lightweight and stable. With ideal viewing angle it gives sleek looking, great for any shop table.

  • Compatible Versions:  iPad Air, iPad, iPad Pro

  • Continuous Charging While Mounted

  • Quick Lock and Unlock Keyed Lock

  • Compatible with our Security Cable Lock

  • Dimensions: 12 x 5.5 x 12”

Floor Model


Each kiosk’s top and bottom panel graphics can be fully customized to reflect your brand and its mission.

  • Magnetic prints that are easy to attach

  • PETG material which makes it easy to clean

  • Hand sanitizer bottle holder

  • Full Color Capabilities

  • Dimensions: 13 x 16 x 60”



Which eFeedback terminal is best for me?

This depends on the environment where you will place the terminals, and what you want to gain from them. The small Counter Top stands are most often used to capture feedback from somebody experiencing 1-1 service at a service desk or table. The Floor Stands are most often used in a high traffic area to capture feedback from people exiting your facility. 

What happens if children or disgruntled adults press the buttons too many times?

eFeedback features smart anti-tamper measures that effectively filter out this kind of invalid feedback. It’s therefore very unlikely that someone will be able to manipulate your data to the extent that you draw the wrong conclusions.

Can I brand the eFeedback terminals to complement my environment?

Yes, eFeedback terminals are brandable. You can create your identity, including logos.   OnLine surveys are customisable too. Feel free to contact us for more examples of custom-brandedimg.

Will Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down work for us?

You would be surprised what we can got out of this simple question.. This configuration attracts more responses. You can use the OnSite terminal with the OnLine application to gather more personal information..

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